The mountainous terrain surrounding Montage Deer Valley is teeming with wildlife. The opportunities to catch sight of some of the region’s natural inhabitants can be as simple as relaxing on your terrace on a crisp fall morning while a parade of grazing moose and deer meander by.

Pluck down your easel on one of the resort’s many trails to paint the pastel wildflowers, or take a nature photography class in the field with a local professional. Go birdwatching or wildlife tracking with a resident naturalist. Or take a hike into the Wasatch Mountain Range – a wildlife refuge for viewing buffalo, elk, moose, big-horned sheep, deer and antelope in their natural environments. Falconry, one of the oldest sports, introduces guests to the tradition of flying hawks and falcons under expert tutelage.

Birdwatchers are treated to an abundance of species, including Golden and Bald eagles, owls, hawks and Canadian geese. The Provo River, besides its renown as a blue-ribbon trout stream, is an internationally recognized Important Bird Area. The area below the Jordanelle Dam offers several miles of year-round birding for songbirds, marsh birds, Western warblers and American Dippers. And the Jordanelle Reservoir is a natural sanctuary for spotting everything from ducks to loons.