Laguna Beach Art Gallery

Laguna Beach is a world-renowned artist’s colony situated along the majestic California coastline. Established during the height of the California Arts & Craft’s movement, this artistic haven has nurtured the creativity of painters for nearly 100 years. Influenced by the French impressionists, the early artists who settled here explored the effects of natural light, launching the California plein air painting movement. The essence of California was captured in these original pieces, which highlighted dramatic views, lush landscapes, and rugged coastlines.

Montage Laguna Beach is proud to continue the area’s artistic tradition by presenting an extensive fine art collection. Works include rare plein air paintings, vintage photographs of California architecture and scenery, ceramic and tile designs, period furniture, and historic pieces by the father of the Arts & Crafts movement, William Morris.

The Collection

Highlighting the Montage Laguna Beach plein air collection are paintings by William Wendt, Jean Mannheim and Edgar Payne. Vintage photography by Julius Shulman and Marvin Rand are also featured.

A variety of artistic tile work pays homage to the same era. At Mosaic Bar & Grille, a large hand-painted tile mural depicts the coast view from the resort. Guestrooms and bathrooms are decorated with framed Arts and Crafts tiles; and the women’s spa features a signature pair of antique Calco Flamingo tiles from 1926.

Montage Laguna Beach commissioned local artists to create public artwork for our guests to enjoy. Such works include:

  • A porcelain-tiled wall depicting sea life by renowned Los Angeles artist Dora De Larios.
  • An ornate bronze sculpture features a 10-foot tree with fully dimensional bronze birds by painter and sculptor Terry Thornsley.
  • An inlaid pate de verre style landscape by glassblower John Barber. Pate de verre is a centuries-old process, which makes glass appear stone-like.
  • Two bronze sculptures of mythical creatures by Cheryl Ekstrom.

Local Artists

Dora De Larios’ creative vision stems from ancient civilizations. Whether in intimate ceramic pieces or massive mixed-media commissions, De Larios strives to harmonize the animal and spiritual. She is one of today’s leading clay artists, with an impressive list of accomplishments ranging from place settings for the White House to a grand cement wall sculpture in Nagoya, Japan. From 1959 to present she has been featured in more than 50 one-person gallery shows, group invitational shows and juried museum exhibitions across the U.S., including the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York, the Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C., the Craft Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Laguna Beach resident Terry Thornsley is a professional sculptor and painter. Hundreds of his bronze and stone sculptures, as well as his exquisite paintings, are held in private collections throughout the world. Thornsley’s expressive sculptures have become sought after for the public forum. His bronze works have been commissioned and placed in many parks, outside city buildings, and in public areas, either as part of A.I.P.P. Awards or privately funded memorials, including San Diego’s International Airport at Lindbergh Field. Terry’s sculpture leaves no doubt about his feelings for wildlife. Marine mammals, birds, fish, coral and nature itself are recurring subjects in his carefully rendered artworks. His sculpture is often described as fresh, strong, graceful, lifelike, moving, and thoughtful.

A highly acclaimed glass blower, John Barber has just celebrated 30 years in the business. Barber has participated in such prestigious exhibits as the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in San Bernardino and Novato, CA; The Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, CA; The Sawdust Festival and the La Quinta Art Festival. His work has been commissioned for perfume bottles, cameo vases for Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday celebration, a Holy Grail cup for the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim, CA and more.

Cheryl Ekstrom’s greatest talent is her creativity. From the time of her first one-woman outdoor show of twenty 6-1/2 foot warriors (Extreme Unction: Warriors Against Angst), to her recent acceptance into the Florence Biennale, Cheryl continues to push creative boundaries. Exhibited in numerous museums and galleries internationally, Cheryl’s art depicts change and her latest series, “The Stable Inhabitants of a Changing World,” signifies the need to honor those things that have given us the stability and strength to make our transformation in an ever-changing world. Cheryl’s desire is to make each sculpture better than the last.

The Redfern Gallery

A leader in the exhibition and sale of American Impressionist art, The Redfern Gallery owner, Ray Redfern, has been at the forefront of the art world’s renewed interest in California art for decades. For 27 years he has researched and promoted the artists who created a visual historic record of the Golden State between 1890 and 1940, working closely with collectors and museums across the U.S. His commitment continues, leading him in constant pursuit of premium works by artists such as Guy Rose, William Wendt, Franz Bischoff, Hanson Puthuff, Donna Schuster, Alson Clark, Joseph Kleitsch and Granville Redmond, among many others.