Lugano Privé

For any of life’s celebrations, the ultimate gifting experience.

Imagine her surprise as she wakes up to a customized box containing one of a kind jewelry pieces. Envision her delight as you return to your guest room to find a case full of some of the most beautiful and unique jewelry ever created. This is the Lugano Diamonds Privé experience, a bespoke and completely private gifting experience like no other.

With the help of our in house stylists and design team, your case is tailored to your specifications and delivered to the location of your choice – whether it be table side while you dine or the perfect ending to a day at the spa. Without the pressure of time or the inconvenience of traditional shopping, she is free to discover a personalized collection created for her, by you. Keep as much or as little as you like with no restriction or obligation.

From flowers and champagne to the delivery and return of the jewelry itself, our professional team will handle all the details. The Lugano Diamonds Privé experience, an exceptional and exclusive encounter for the most discerning clientele.

As a guest of Montage, we’d like to offer you a special gift with your Lugano Privé reservation. Please contact the Lugano Diamonds’ Salon at 949.715.6233 for details and to schedule your experience.