Our focus on sustainability at Montage Laguna Beach impacts everything we do, from beach clean-up days to our environmentally preferred operating and purchasing policies. At Montage Laguna Beach, we fully understand that our beautiful, oceanfront location is a rare privilege that deserves vigilant care and respect.

“We will embrace and reflect the heritage of Laguna Beach through our emphasis on art, architecture and the environment.”
-Taken from the Montage Mission Statement

Sustainable Achievements and Programs

Environmental Impact Committee 

A task force of Montage associates focused on educating and implementing sustainable policies and procedures. This group identifies opportunities throughout the resort for additional environmental efficiencies and improvements. Monthly meetings are held with areas of focus including:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Waste Management
  • Product Procurement 
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Outreach – To Associates and Local Community

Comprehensive Waste Management

  • Recycling program designed to capture and divert all plastic containers, bottles, glass and paper. Currently, Montage diverts 82% of its waste from landfills to recycling facilities.
  • On site composting – Yields approximately 60 pounds of compost daily which is used by the resort’s landscape company throughout the resort, reducing 400 lbs of wet waste from landfills daily.
  • Off site composting of pre-consumer food waste – Montage has partnered with Waste Management to pilot a pre-consumer food waste composting program. Food waste is processed and composted, diverting the food scraps from landfills and reusing it’s nutrients to produce usable compost.
  • Paper reduction practices have decreased the use of paper by 140,000 sheets of paper per month.
  • Toxic waste program created to assure proper disposal of batteries, grease, oil, chemicals, and other toxic waste materials.
  • Water purification system – contributes to the reduction of bottles of water consumed, saving approximately 25,000 bottles per year.
  • Quarterly electronic waste containers provide for proper disposal of e-waste materials. 

Energy Efficiency

  • Garage Ventilation/Exhaust system retrofit – Motors are attached to Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) and CO (Carbon Monoxide) Monitors in order to make the system more efficient and use less energy, resulting in modeled annualized savings of approximately 200,000 kWh’s per year.
  • AFD (Alternative Frequency Drive) installation on the Central Plant Chillers – Installation of an AFD Drive allowing the chillers to ramp up and down based upon demand, resulting in modeled annualized savings of approximately 585,000 kWh/year.
  • LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light bulbs used in guest bathrooms to allow a longer product life span, reduce heat and save energy.
  • Energy-Star electronics in all guest rooms (Television & DVD Player).
  • Use of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs in specific applications throughout the resort.

Water Use Reductions

  • Utilization of a native and adaptive landscape palette in order to reduce the water and fertilizer requirements. 
  • Urinals changed to 1/8 gallon and ½ gallon flush valves (from original one gallon per flush), resulting in a savings of approximately 400,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Utilization of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation.

Alternative Transportation Incentives

  • Carpool and Ride Share Programs that rewards associates for use of alternative transportation.
  • Designated LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) parking in the resorts parking garage for associates who drive low emitting vehicles.

Educational Programs

  •  Environmental Impact Committee (EIC) – Task force of Montage associates dedicated to educating and implementing sustainable policies and procedures.
  • Associate Training Program as part of Mores, the resort’s associate training orientation – educates new associates on our sustainability practices.
  • Yearly associate giveaways including: CFL, Reusable Tote Bags and Reusable Coffee Mugs.
  • Children’s menu at the resort’s restaurants – highlights sustainable actions taking place at our Montage destinations that can be replicated by guests at home.
  • Montage Hotels & Resorts has a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional as Director of Sustainability who is committed to ensuring Montage Laguna Beach and future hotels are environmentally sustainable, efficient and cause as little impact to the environment as possible.
  • Associates in Service Education include:
    o Quarterly Montage beach clean-ups – Average of 60-90 Montage associates participate in each event.
    o Household hazardous waste disposal program – Encourage associates to bring hazardous waste from home to properly dispose.

Additional Sustainable Programs

  • Bird abatement program employs live falcons and hawks with a trained falconer as a way to deter pest birds with no harmful practices.
  • Zero waste Artist Café, the resort’s associate dining room – all food waste is composted on-site and any additional waste is recycled.
  • Montage bottled water – locally sourced mountain spring water packaged in 100% recycled plastic.
  • Relationships with local farmers and purveyors to purchase locally sourced and organic meats and produce.
  • Participate in – Montage collects leftover soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion from guest rooms and donates to this organization. steams and disinfects the items and ships them to impoverished countries to fight respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. This process diverts waste from landfills and saves millions of lives each year.
  • Montage Vegetable and Herb Garden – A working, functional custom garden designed to grow and cultivate fresh seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables which will provide our chefs with the freshest ingredients for dishes to be served in our restaurants; our mixologists to use for cocktails; our spa to utilize for treatments; our children’s programs to use for educational activities; and our guests to use as private event space.

Certifications and Awards

  • Excellence in Demand Side Management Program Participation from Southern California Edison, 2011
  • CalRecycle “WRAP” (Waste Reduction Award Program) Winner, 2010 & 2011
  • California Green Lodging Program Certification, 2010
  • World Saver Award for Education for the work of Hearts of Montage, Condé Nast Traveler, 2008
  • “Grand Award” as part of the Environmental Improvement Awards Program Sponsored by Planet News, 2007
  • GIFFTS, Award for Community Service, 2007
  • Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence, the Award for Community Service, 2006