Palmetto Bluff is a special place to call home. Offering the perfect balance of Southern charm and modern amenities, living at Palmetto Bluff means gathering with friends over holiday meals, long walks with your loved ones, and catching fireflies with children of all ages.

The residential real estate offerings at Palmetto Bluff are as diverse as the land itself and are categorized as “Town” or “Country” in character. The former will consist of a series of residential Villages, where neighbors live closely by choice, and walk or bike to nearby facilities. The creation of Wilson Village was the culmination of extensive studies of the characteristics and synergy of Southern waterfront towns, such as Beaufort, Charleston and Savannah. “Country” properties consist of larger homesites (some up to 30 acres) which lie outside the Village areas and emphasize privacy, natural surroundings and – to the extent desired – seclusion. Yet all are within a five to eight-minute drive to recreation, shopping, dining and other facilities.

For more information on residential offerings, please click here or call (800) 501-7405.