Palette Of Therapies

nature's purifying therapies

Rich, curative herbal additives help the tides of our inner ocean cleanse and purify, deliver nutrients, eliminate waste and encourage harmony.

After selecting fresh herbs and plants from our organic garden – such as thyme, rosemary, lavender and dandelion – guest choose from hydrotherapy, wraps, scrubs and footbaths.


Because the body is suspended in water, this unique experience allows for a deep and effective massage without pain or discomfort. Natural curatives and color therapy are used to relieve stress and aid in the healing of soft-tissue or joint injuries. This therapy is optimum when combined with other body treatments.

30 Minutes – $135


Following a vigorous dry brushing exfoliation, a custom blend of botanicals, herbs, and clays are prepared according to your body type and carefully applied.  Your body is covered and wrapped as this mineral-rich masque cleanses and purifies your body while soothing sore muscles.  A warm rinse under the Vichy Shower prepares your body for the final application of a citrus hydrating lotion to nourish the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow.

60 or 90 Minutes – $225/$305


Citrus fruits, herbs and plants such as mustard, lemon, grapefruit, and thyme – abundant throughout Southern California – are prepared according to your body’s constitutional needs to offer rejuvenating exfoliating benefits to the skin.  This exhilarating body scrub is followed by a relaxing rinse under the Vichy shower and an application of hydrating lotion.

30 Minutes – $135