Body Treatments

With a focus on your specific needs to achieve total body wellness, our luxurious body therapies combine ancient wisdom arts with modern day experiences, and are designed to provide transformation, rejuvenation and a stillness of mind.


120 minutes & up • $425+

Elevate your wellness to a new level by experiencing the best that spa science and ancient wisdom can offer. In this customized body balancing experience, a master therapist selects from a spectrum of spa therapies including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, dermatome therapy, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, or manual lymphatic drainage. A customized treatment is then developed to address your specific concerns and wellness goals to set you on a path of ultimate well-being and vitality.


90 minutes • $315

Mineral salts and specially blended ocean, earth, and botanical muds are selected for a soothing body wrap that is designed to restore and balance your unique body type. A relaxing and rejuvenating facial aroma application leaves you with a sense of peace and restful respite. A rain shower cleanses and a botanical lotion envelops your skin in soft rejuvenation. Experience renewal that resonates deep within as it promotes outer radiance and total well-being.


90 minutes • $315

The shores of Laguna Beach are the inspiration for this balancing spa ritual. Begin with inhalations of California citrus aromas followed by an intensive nourishing salt exfoliation. Soak in a bath of the highest quality ocean minerals as you are transported to the rhythm of the sea. Your body is drenched with a silken Undaria algae oil to replenish while encouraging elimination of toxins resulting in soft, renewed skin. Absorb the antioxidant rich elements as you enjoy a hydrating shea butter foot massage. Finish with a long stroke massage with hypnotic sweet orange and jasmine as you are carried into a deep reverie.


30 minutes • $135

Recommended as the perfect prelude for any relaxing massage, facial or body wrap. Cleansing and intensely balancing vetiver, sage and lavender combine with the uplifting benefits of sweet orange to release the effects of stress on the body and unwind the mind. Float in a mineral rich, replenishing aroma bath while enjoying an indulgent scalp and neck massage that extends to full body relaxation.


90 minutes • $315

Slim and contour legs and thighs with a targeted ankle to hip cellulite reducing therapy. Begin with a dry body brushing to increase circulation and free stagnation. A light and gentle yet effective manual therapy encourages lymphatic drainage to tone and refine. Powerful, proven slimming actives combine with plant based firming and refining extracts to minimize the appearance of cellulite. A highly concentrated, intensive body serum instantly penetrates to boost elasticity and visibly refine the skin for a sleek, smooth contour.


30 minutes • $135

Recommended as the perfect prelude to any therapeutic massage, body scrub or wrap. Float in a jetted bath of ocean minerals. Purifying and nourishing, this therapy includes an underwater massage with a pressured hose to relax the muscles and ease joint restriction while increasing circulation and cleansing the system of impurities.


45 minutes • $190

Mineral rich sea salts bursting with California citrus aromas and rejuvenating avocado oil is the medium for this uplifting and refreshing body scrub. Radiance is unveiled, leaving the skin vibrant and incredibly soft.


45 minutes • $190

Begin with an invigorating full body scrub with mineral salts and a sublime infusion of orange and ginger essences. Finish with a replenishing hydration and inhalations of peppermint and lavender to leave with increased circulation and renewed energy.


60/90 minutes • $235/$315

Begin with inhalations of uplifting essences followed by a marine mineral body polish to purify and soften the skin. An ultra-nourishing warm application of the highest quality seaweeds replenish vitamins, nutrients and amino acids while firming and evening skin tone. An aroma scalp and neck massage ensues as your skin absorbs the silken and restorative elements. Cascading water refreshes and a veil of Neroli balances before a final blissful hydration.


60/90 minutes • $235/$315

Drawing on the cleansing and healing powers of the earth, this wrap utilizes the rich minerals found only in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Your experience begins with an application of purifying essential oils followed by dry body brushing to release toxins and exfoliate the skin. Softening and deeply cleansing Rhassoul clay envelops the whole body in a rich earthen wrap. Continuing the cleansing and healing ritual, your therapist performs a lymphatic drainage massage on your face and neck. Cascading waters wash away any remaining impurities and aromas of rosemary, sage and lavender balance and renew. A final blissful hydration leaves you feeling light and moisturized.


90 minutes • $315

Soak in a jetted bath of aromatic oils and marine minerals as you are transported to the rhythm of the ocean. Breathe in the grounding and sedating scents of lavender, vetiver and citrus as you enjoy a lavish scalp and neck massage while floating in weightlessness. A veil of precious neroli welcomes rest and ultimate relaxation before you are cocooned in a sedating Shea butter body wrap. Enveloped in warmth, a luxurious foot massage lulls you into sweet slumber. Finish with a hypnotic, jasmine and orange scented circular stroke massage and sink further to a state of pure relaxation and peace, leaving you prepared for a sound night’s sleep.


60/90/120 minutes • $235/$315/$405

Sumptuous textures and exotic aromas are paired together for a beauty ritual of renewal especially for her. Blended in perfect synergy, seven healing flowers allow relaxation and renewal while inspiring a harmony of the senses. Discover inner balance and a restoration of softness and peace. Begin with inhalations of aromas drawn from a thousand petals. A flower oil application is followed by a dusting of lavender, rose and calendula flowers which are then buffed into the skin. Cocooned in a warm wrap of delicate rejuvenation, enjoy a cool crystal quartz facial massage. Cascading water washes away the delicate petals before a veil of neroli flowers enrobes you. A final blissful hydration of jasmine infused shea butter covers your body and leaves your skin feeling its softest and most beautiful.

The 90 minute option begins with luxuriating in an aromatic bath with a scalp massage and includes the experience of our outdoor Swiss shower with floating orchids.

The 120 minute option additionally incorporates a hot lavender flower herbal compress massage prior to the final hydration.