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A World of Whisky

Tucked discreetly on the second floor of the hotel, £10 welcomes true connoisseurs to the lounge specializing in the world’s most precious whisky, The Macallan Single Malt, from a globally celebrated distiller based in Speyside, Scotland. Here, in an intimate but convivial social atmosphere, guests gather to sample and savor The Macallan’s rarest and most prized expressions – some aged as long as 64 years.

High Spirits

Two American oak sherry casks were filled at The Macallan’s distillery in November 1950, providing the perfect vessels to slowly mature The Macallan’s 65 year old “Peerless Spirit”, one of the oldest ever released by the lauded distillery. After decades of careful nurturing and maturation, this single malt is a celebration of the mastery embedded in The Macallan, a true testament to the skill of each and every one of its craftsmen. Available now.

At £10, guests can also enjoy the finest spirits, complemented by handcrafted cocktails composed of the freshest ingredients and served in Lalique crystal glassware. With flawless expertise and graciousness, £10 bartenders present The Macallan authentically, hand pouring the whisky over an ice sphere of water imported from the Scottish Highlands.

Enhancing the bar mystique, £10, designed by Nina Petronzio features bespoke furniture from her Plush Home collection, exotic wood details, commissioned art of its namesake the £10 Scottish note, one of the most extensive collections of Lalique crystal and an alluring outdoor terrace, where private booths overlook the artfully manicured Beverly Canon Gardens.

For more information, please call or text (310)906-7218.