Holiday Festivities

Holidays at Montage Deer Valley are a time for mountain magic – and memories – whether dusted in snow or drenched in winter sun. Families from all generations come together for festive celebrations among the resort’s dining venues, sprawling lawns, alfresco terrace and elegant ballrooms. From Thanksgiving to Mother’s Day, Easter, July 4th, New Year’s Eve and the Festive season, families will treasure annual traditions at Montage Deer Valley.

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Montage Merit Badges

As a scout, nothing was more rewarding than learning a new craft and being recognized with a badge to wear, proudly demonstrating achievement.  Guests at Montage Deer Valley can collect 12 different Montage Merit Badges for a wide range of proficiencies, from catching a fish on fly to scoring a bulls-eye in archery.  Upon achievement of all 12 activities, the guest will be awarded with the over-sized, silver ‘Monty’ pin, which signifies that the guest has ‘conquered’ the mountain.

Canine Ambassadors

A family favorite of Montage Deer Valley is the Canine Ambassador program, which features our beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs. Monty, our namesake Ambassador, leads the role of bringing joy to all of our guests with daily meet and greets, where he looks forward to interacting with everyone and posing for family portraits. Monty is truly at home in his alpine environment – loving both the winter snow and the cool summer breezes, in keeping with the nature of the Swiss breed.

Daily greetings take place in the main lobby at 11:00am and 3:00pm.



Montage Deer Valley’s abundant family-friendly activities encourage a love for the great outdoors. Paintbox, our exclusive children’s program, entertains guests ages 5 to 12 with a happy mix of games, crafts, movies and engaging activities. Outside play includes active choices like snowshoeing or mountainside scavenger hunts that bring budding explorers closer to the wonders of the wild.

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To view a sample of the Winter Paintbox general schedule Click here.

Family Entertainment


Families staying at Montage Deer Valley can gather for nature-inspired activities year-round, such as outdoor photography, family yoga, guided nature hikes and fly-casting lessons, as well as horse-drawn sleigh rides, blanket picnics and outdoor concerts. Nightly S’mores around the fire pit are a Montage specialty in every season.  For a change of pace, take family night indoors and bond over darts, billiards, bowling and arcade games at Daly’s Pub & Rec.

Montage Generations:

With Montage Generations, guests have the opportunity to choose from an array of educational and adventurous activities that engage all generations of the family and provide meaningful experiences to cherish for years to come. Each program was designed to create an enriching environment where families can participate in hands-on activities that allow for inspiration, learning, exploring, sharing laughs and stories, and ultimately building a lifelong memory that can lead to a family tradition.

To view a copy of our Montage Generations brochure Click here.