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-2017 Montage Memory Makers Winners-


Corinne Hindes

Warm Winters
Six years ago, Corinne realized that unclaimed lost-and-found items at ski resorts and surrounding areas can help provide today’s homeless population with warm clothing, resulting in the creation of Warm Winters. A frequent ski racer, Corinne quickly secured four ski resort partners for Warm Winters, eventually taking her mission nation-wide with 32 ski resort partners to-date. Warm Winters has donated over 32,500 items of warm clothing and toiletries to over 22,000 members of the homeless population, resulting in a total community impact of over $900,000 and growing. Corinne projects that by 2020, Warm Winters will train 3,000 youth to help 50,000 homeless across America.

Isabel Janavs

The Candy Palace
Through The Candy Palace, Isabel uses her creativity and passion to feed people in need. Inspired to give back after vising the Second Harvest Food Bank in her hometown, Isabel went on to write and publish a charitable book, Izzy and The Candy Palace, which has raised over $274,000 and provided over 771,000 meals to her community. To further expand upon The Candy Palace’s success, Isabel opened Izzy’s Corner at the food bank for children volunteers, garnering over 6,000 volunteer hours to-date, raising over $17,000 from selling color boxes in the shape of Candy Castles, and inspiring five more children’s books for charity.

Will Lourcey

Friends Reaching our Goals (FROGs)
Since creating FROGs (Friends Reaching Our Goals) at age seven, Will Lourcey has inspired his peers to join together to make a positive impact on their community while having fun at the same time. FROGs is a non-profit organization committed to ending hunger. Will has engaged his community through charitable initiatives including Score on Hunger where young athletes recruit sponsors to pledge donations of at least $1 or a food item for every goal, run, or point scored during a game, as well as FROGs Dinner Club which brings together children from underprivileged neighborhoods for a dinner party followed by a service project. FROGs has provided over 500,000 meals, engaged thousands of volunteers and helped provide over 80,000 food bags to children in need.

Ariana Luterman

Team Ariana
Ariana combined her three passions – triathlons, empowering others and helping homeless children to create Team Ariana. Leveraging her triathlon races to make a positive impact, Team Ariana has helped over 5,000 homeless children and raised over $150,000 for Vogal Alcove, a local early childhood education program dedicated to supporting children from homeless families in Dallas. Team Ariana has also raised over $200,000 for various charities and causes supporting hunger, veterans and animals. Ariana is driven and passionate about giving back to children and those in need, and continues to inspire those around her and change lives.

Olivia D. Wright

Help Give Us Shoes (H.U.G.S.)
At age seven, Olivia discovered her passion for volunteering and by age nine, Olivia began H.U.G.S – Help Us Give Shoes, a charity dedicated to giving shoes to children in need. Since its inception, H.U.G.S has provided over 100,000 pairs of shoes to children all over the world – from Washington D.C. to Africa. Currently Olivia is helping to build an orphanage in India, H.U.G.S FORTHWARD HOME, and she has no plans of slowing down on her mission to “Shoe the World.”