-Blaze & Clays Women’s Shooting Weekend-

Blaze & Clays

Enjoy a weekend of the sporting life designed just for the ladies. Whether you join us for the Annie Oakley Tournament or a shooting lesson on Saturday, the highlight of the weekend will be busting a few clays with girlfriends old and new.

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Garrison Hodges and Sarah Sanford, both expert sportswomen are two of our talented female shooting instructors that will lead the way for this ladies weekend.

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Garrison Hodges
Hunting and shooting sports have been a long-standing tradition at Palmetto Bluff, and Shooting Instructor, Garrison Hodges, is an expert at the game. Garrison jump-started her love for sporting clays the second she began working under Bart Chandler, at the Palmetto Bluff Shooting Club. After receiving her NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) certificate, she began shooting in registered shoots and providing exceptional guidance to guests from novice to expert, in hopes to encourage others to pursue the art of sporting clays.

Growing up on a small horse farm in Gastonia, North Carolina, Garrison is no amateur when it comes to outdoor experiences. Aside from showing American Saddlebreds throughout the United States, Garrison’s father introduced her to hunting at a very young age, shooting her first shotgun at age 8. With her ambitious drive, Garrison moved on to become a nationally ranked rower in high school, before graduating with a major in economics at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

During her leisure time, Garrison enjoys traveling and training dogs in a German Dog sport called Schutzhund – testing the solid temperament, drives and work ethic of each canine. As an owner of two German Shepherds, Dedrik and Hades, in addition to a Belgian Malinois named Finn, her passion for Schutzhund arose. Garrison is a member of the Carolina Schutzhund Dog Club in Swansea, South Carolina and her goal is to title her own dogs to the highest rank of IOP 3, in order to make it on the United States world team.

Sarah Sanford
Raised with three brothers on a South Carolina working plantation, Sarah Sanford is a rare outdoorswoman: she sails, shoots, fishes, rides, trains dogs, cans chutney, runs heavy equipment, drives launches, casts shrimp nets, gigs flounder, delivers calves, rescues wildlife and always tells stories. But that’s just the beginning.

After Sarah graduated from college, she hit the road, the one that leads all over the world. She learned to crack a bullwhip on a cattle station in the Outback of Australia where she began as an au pair and ended up six months later on the round-up and branding crew. She’s been a safari cook in Zimbabwe and run for her life from both wild game and amorous drunken locals. Speaking of running, Sarah mushed in two 300-mile sled dog races to prepare a team for the Iditarod Sled Dog race in Alaska. She’s spent several nights in a Malawian jail, summitted Mts. Rainier and Kilimanjaro, picked tomatoes with migrants in South Carolina, and shot tin cans off fence posts with cowboys in Montana. Sarah’s done all this and charmed her dinner partners all over the world – in blue jeans and in black tie.

The daughter of an eminent heart surgeon and a concert pianist, Sarah has a lot of stories to tell, and she began telling them early. She joined the launch team for the Outdoor Life Network (now NBC Outdoors) where she produced, wrote and hosted numerous shotgunning series, most notably Pull! Tour of America’s Great Gun Clubs. She was hired away by ESPN2 to become the network’s first female outdoor correspondent where, along with covering field sports, she also helped cover major events like the Triple Crown and the Iditarod Sled Dog race. When her own family came along, she decided to go out on her own and produced shows in Alaska, New Zealand and domestically for a variety of networks: Discovery, PBS, ESPN, ESPN2, and OLN. She continued her on camera work in various sporting series like Shooting Stars on Discovery’s Velocity Network.

In 2012, Sarah moved home to raise her two young sons on the South Carolina plantation where she grew up. Not one to sit still, she started a blog, Alligatorhall.com featuring entertaining “plantation style”, cooking gourmet wild game, and making the most of the sporting lifestyle. As a NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) certified shooting instructor, Sarah was asked in 2015 to join the Palmetto Bluff Shooting Club as an instructor for its world class clays shooting program.


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