Heart of the Bluff

90/120 Minutes • $325/$425
Massage | Hair & Scalp Renewal | Foot Reflexology
The elements of this popular treatment flow gently in and out of our firm and nurturing signature style of massage. A stimulating scalp massage and a nourishing hair mask deliver beautiful results while lulling you deeper into relaxation. Warm towel compresses prepare your feet for a smoothing scrub followed by a reflexology massage.

Palmetto Body Bliss

60/90/120 Minutes • $205/$295/$375
This light to medium pressure massage uses primarily Swedish techniques to help you achieve deep relaxation, increased circulation, muscle detoxification, and increased flexibility. Tailor blended essential oils allow for deeper relaxation, a still mind and an inner sense of wellbeing.

Aromatherapy Massage

60/90/120 Minutes • $205/$295/$375
Let us complement any massage with a personalized blend of essential oils extracted directly from flowers, herbs and roots, which help aid your specific physical and emotional needs.

Palmetto Body Rescue

60/90/120 Minutes • $205/$295/$375
This is a strong pressure massage that targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue for relief of muscle pain and tension. Prepare for this more intense bodywork with a deep breathing ritual, and complete your recovery with our special blend of detoxifying oil.

Palmetto Body Balance

60/90/120 Minutes • $225/$325/$425
This eclectic blend of Thai, Shiatsu, and Sports massage is perfect for those in need of work on the spine, sciatica and other overworked areas in the back, neck and shoulders. A full body massage provides the benefit of intense therapeutic muscle-work combined with general Swedish recovery strokes for increased flexibility and release in the body.

Palmetto Body Restore

60/90/120 Minutes • $225/$325/$425
Beginning at the emotional center of the sacrum, this healing service provides energetic flow to the connective tissues of the body promoting regenerative relaxation. Best experienced over a series, this treatment releases the fascia, tissues connecting the skin to the underlying muscles. Opening up circulation and healing within the tissues creating better movement in the body, the gentle pressure and flow is good for those experiencing chronic pain and mobility issues. Series of 5 or more services offered at a discounted rate.

Warm River Stone Massage

60/90/120 Minutes • $205/$295/$375
Melt into the comfort and soothing warmth from river-worn stones. Alternating hot and cool stones create a synergy of purification and release. Muscles are eased and
inflammation reduced. Radiating heat allows the melting of aches and pains while cool stones relieve discomfort and stagnation. Differing temperatures invigorate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, aiding in self-healing, increased circulation and flexibility.

The Blissful Reflex

90/120 Minutes • $295/$375
This specialty massage pairs our Body Bliss with Reflexology to ensure overall wellness. Body Bliss uses primarily Swedish techniques to help you achieve deep relaxation, increased circulation, muscle detoxification, and increased flexibility. Reflexology creates balance for your nervous system, and generally results in a refreshed feeling of wellbeing.

Pre Natal

60/90 Minutes • $205/$295
A customized massage tailored for the mother-to-be. Pre Natal massage can relieve some of the discomforts of pregnancy, reduce stress and increase circulation.


30/60 Minutes • $115/$205
Based on the Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Medicine, reflexology focuses on alternating pressure points on the feet, which releases the body’s natural energy flow and encourages full body wellness.

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