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A Balanced Approach

Optimal personal wellness incorporates a variety of enriching experiences as well as healthy nutrition and physical fitness. Spa Montage Wellness programs and fitness facilities offer a wide variety of cardiovascular and strength-training options, movement classes, postural assessment and nutritional counseling.

Complimentary Class
This month, we are offering all evening classes at 6:30pm and 7:30pm complimentary for hotel guests. View the class schedule.

Scheduled Wellness Classes
Hotel Guests | $25 per person/per class*
*Classes are subject to change. Up-to-date schedules are available here or in the Fitness Center.
*Classes are subject to cancellation 15 minutes after start time if no participants are present.

Private Sessions
60 minutes | $135
90 minutes | $188
Group Private | (3-10 people) $325

Private Sessions: Montage wellness trainers are well-versed in customizing your workout to fit your body’s needs and goals. Spa Montage offers everything from boxing and spin to pilates and yoga. Please visit the Fitness Center and ask a wellness trainer or spa reservation agent about setting up a consultation.

Wellness Classes: With a variety of classes offered, Spa Montage provides an intimate setting for our guests. Wellness trainers create a personalized experience by customizing each class to its participants. Guests may sign-up at the Fitness Center desk or at Spa Reception. Classes are $25 per person/per class.

To reserve a private session or to sign-up for wellness classes, please call (310) 860-7840 or dial 7840 from your guestroom.