-Body Treatments-

With a focus on your specific needs to achieve total body wellness, our luxurious body therapies combine ancient wisdom arts with modern-day experiences and are designed to provide transformation, rejuvenation and stillness of mind.


Elevate your wellness to a new level by experiencing the best that spa science and ancient wisdom can offer. In this customized body balancing experience, a Spa Master Therapist selects from a spectrum of spa therapies including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, dermatome therapy, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy or manual lymphatic drainage. A customized treatment is then developed to address your specific concerns and wellness goals to set you on a path of ultimate well-being and renewed vitality.


Hand selected mineral salts and specially blended ocean, earth and algae muds are selected for a soothing body wrap that is designed to restore and balance your unique body type. A relaxing and rejuvenating facial aroma application leaves you with a sense of peace and respite. A rain shower cleanses and a botanical lotion envelops your skin in soft rejuvenation. Experience renewal that promotes outer radiance and total well-being.


Refine and firm body contours and promote detoxification as you re-energize. An exclusive dry brush technique stimulates the lymphatic system, promotes circulation and encourages absorption of active firming ingredients. This is followed by a vigorous toning massage using ginger and caffeine to help break down cellulite as a cool hydrating crème helps to sculpt and shape. A true catalyst for full-body muscle relief, this treatment leaves you remarkably firmer and more energized. In the 90 minute a nutrient-rich algae wrap is used to begin this service.

Seasonal RENEWAL

Heal and revive with earthly minerals and organic ginger oil. Begin with an invigorating dry brush and full-body exfoliation and follow up with a pampering back, neck and shoulder massage with organic ginger oil and warm healing stones. Finally, rest and relax while a luxurious hot oil scalp massage and grounding foot treatment completes the head-to-toe experience.


Relax, breathe deep and sink into dreams of Lavender fields kissed by the sun that envelop your senses as you drift on waves of blue. Inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild Lavender in this completely uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience, which includes a two-step invigorating full-body scrub. The treatment concludes with a fingertip scalp massage and a soothing and relaxing back and foot massage using warm healing stones.


A soothing core massage followed by a warm, relaxing herbal clay wrap, during which you will receive a luxurious face and scalp treatment. Our Master Therapist will conclude with a delightful Vichy rinse and a rich hydrating lotion application leaving you with a sense of acclimation and balance.

High Altitude KUR

Begin with a warm, oxygen-infused, mineralizing bath that incorporates a refreshing cool water contrast. Your Master Therapist will then follow with an invigorating and luxurious body scrub, followed by a soothing rhythmic massage to stimulate respiration and clarity. This full body experience is created to help your body relax and recover from higher altitudes.