Whether suffering from travel fatigue, work-induced stress, specific aches and pains or seeking new ways to unwind, our massage therapists will draw upon their extensive bodywork repertoire to provide relaxation and relief with their artful work in massage therapy.

Laguna Beach Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450

Your massage therapist will guide you through an intuitive aromatherapy selection to artfully
enhance your experience of pure relaxation or targeted therapeutic relief. We recommend
preceding this massage with a Therapeutic Mineral Bath.

California Wildflower Massage

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

A comprehensive massage complements a tailored treatment with heated herbal poultices to
restore and relieves aches and pains. Escape in waves of enchanting jasmine crème that uplifts the
senses while your therapist relieves tension.
120 minutes allows for an extended massage and a special take home gift.

Laguna Glow Stone Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450

Warm, hand-carved Himalayan salt stones relieve stress and bring you back into balance.
The deeply restful yet uplifting scent of neroli results in relaxation and incredibly soft skin.
90 minutes or more may include a gemstone face massage or alternating cool stones if preferred.

Lemon Juniper Detox Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450

An anointing of essential oils centers on purifying and detoxifying the body. Dry brushing exfoliates, tones, increases circulation followed by a tailored massage with coastal aromatics such as lemon, mint, uplifting grapefruit and juniper. A cooling gel relieves the calves as you enjoy a foot treatment to leave you feeling grounded.


30/60/90 minutes • $150/$250/$350

The perfect alternative, or addition to, a full body massage.

30 minutes – feet only, the perfect addition to a bath, massage or facial.
60 minutes – full session, incorporating hands, head and feet as well as a replenishing foot treatment.
90 minutes – a perfect pairing of our full session with 30 minutes of massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450

A precise, light-to-touch therapy, increases lymph flow, removes harmful substances from the tissues and can increase immune function. Ideal for pre and post surgery, fluid retention, sport injuries and stress. Best results are achieved when focused on a specific area.

Prenatal Massage

60/90 minutes • $250/$350

Specifically designed massage supports your body through the muscular and structural changes during pregnancy.
90 minutes may include a choice of dry brushing or a rose petal foot bath.

Oncology Massage

30/60 minutes • $150/$250

Our certified oncology massage-trained therapists offer safe, therapeutic bodywork for those currently in, or with a history of cancer treatment. A doctor’s release is requested.