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Whether suffering from travel fatigue, work-induced stress, specific aches and pains or seeking new ways to unwind, our massage therapists will draw upon their extensive bodywork repertoire to provide relaxation and relief with their artful work in massage therapy.

Elements Of Wellness Signature Therapy

90/120 minutes • $345/$435

Your journey to complete wellness begins with this extraordinary body therapy. Drawing from a palette of spa bodywork offerings, your Master Therapist will create a personalized therapy for true balance and renewal. A variety of modalities are offered, including elements of traditional massages, aromatherapy, gentle connective tissue massage, detoxifying manual lymphatic drainage or balancing reflexology. This ideal holistic therapy is coupled with a personal blend of aromatic oils to interrupt stress patterns, remedy aches and pains, strengthen the immune system and create an intensely deepened state of relaxation followed by a renewed sense of vitality.

Laguna Glow Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $245/$335/$435
A warm, soothing salt stone massage relieves stress and brings you back into balance. Muscles are relaxed, the body re-mineralized and aches and pains melt away. This purifying and replenishing massage is complemented with the deeply restful yet uplifting scent of neroli flower, resulting in relaxation and incredibly soft skin.

Laguna Beach Body Bliss

60/90 minutes • $255/$345

A light to medium pressure massage using primarily Swedish techniques will provide you with deep relaxation, increased circulation and flexibility. Inhalations of soft meditative aromas encourage the body to let go and unwind. We recommend preceding this massage with our Unwind Wellness Soak for optimal relaxation.

Laguna Beach Body Rescue

60/90/120 minutes • $245/$335/$425

A strong pressure, therapeutic massage effectively targets deeper layers of tissue for relief of deep-seated muscle pain and tension. A therapeutic heat pack releases overworked muscles while a focused aromatic blend relieves neck and shoulder restriction. We recommend preceding this massage with our Regenerating Sea Soak for optimal muscle relaxation.

Coastal Shores Stone Massage

60/90 minutes • $245/$335

Alternating hot and cool volcanic stones with herb-infused oils create a synergy of purification and release. Muscles are eased and inflammation reduced. Radiating heat allows the melting of aches and pains while cool stones relieve discomfort and stagnation. Differing temperatures invigorate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, aiding in self-healing, increased circulation and flexibility. Elements of fire, earth, and water combine for a deeper, lasting relaxation. Our 90 minute massage includes an extended focus on tension areas as well as a refreshing Crystal Quartz gemstone facial massage.

California Wildflower Massage

90 minutes • $345

Where the desert meets the sea – Southern California nurtures a bouquet of healing flowers which serve as the inspiration for this restorative massage. Inhalations of floral essences invite relaxation before a heated flower compress massage soothes and balances the body, restores flexibility and relieves aches and pains while healing the skin. A therapeutic massage with a flower infused oil renews, and a specialty neroli flower scalp massage eases tension. Waves of enchanting jasmine and uplifting orange boost the mood and leave a soft satin finish to the hands and
feet, resulting in feelings of harmony and joy.

Lemon Juniper Detox Massage

60/90 minutes • $255/$345

An anointing of essential oils centers on purifying and detoxifying the body. Dry body brushing exfoliates, stimulates and tones, increasing circulation and strengthening vascular tissue. The body is massaged and refreshed with coastal aromatics such as rosemary and thyme blended with uplifting grapefruit and juniper. A cooling gel is applied to the calves as you enjoy a foot treatment that focuses on reflex zones to stimulate energy flow and leave you feeling grounded and relaxed.

PreNatal Massage

60/90 minutes • $245/$335

Specifically designed massage supports your body through the muscular and structural changes during pregnancy while offering complete relaxation and relief. Herbal oils condition and soften the skin, supplying vital nutrients for cellular growth and renewal. A cooling organic algae and aloe gel revives your calves and feet, relieving fluid retention and restoring balance. Our 90 minute offering includes dry body brushing for mothers-to-be in their first and second trimesters, and a soothing rose petal foot bath for the third.

Oncology Massage & Skincare

30/60 minutes • $140/$245

Our certified oncology massage-trained therapists are part of an ongoing initiative to integrate holistic modalities into spa. We offer safe, therapeutic oncology bodywork and facials for cancer patients. A doctor’s release is requested.


30/60/90 minutes • $140/$245/$335

Ancient civilizations discovered that through finger-applied pressure on specific points on the feet, many ailments could be relieved. Today, Reflexology is extremely popular and celebrated for initiating self-healing and relaxation. Your entire body will benefit from an overall renewal of vital life-force energy. Begin with a purifying and energizing sweet orange and ginger mist over the feet and finish with an ultra-hydrating and refining crème.

30 minutes is a tasting, recommended to be coupled with a Therapeutic Mineral Bath, Massage or Facial.

60 minutes is a full session, incorporating hands, ears and feet as well as a replenishing white algae foot mask for purification and balance.

90 minutes is an absolutely perfect pairing of our full Reflexology session with 30 minutes of Swedish massage.