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Life Well Lived…


Founded in 2002 by hospitality industry veteran Alan Fuerstman, Montage Hotels & Resorts is a private, luxury hotel company focused on serving the affluent traveler.

Montage concentrates on operating a distinctive hotel brand, offering a departure from the norm in the luxury lodging market. Each property operated by Montage will be extraordinary and intimate, with a unique style or theme. All will exude a comfortable elegance, offering the highest quality services and amenities.

The company’s name was carefully selected to define and reflect its identity. A “montage” literally means a composite of closely juxtaposed elements; an artistic assemblage or compilation. Mr. Fuerstman chose the name Montage in order to appropriately describe a “collection” of ultra-luxury properties, each maintaining an individual style, while reflecting the attractions of its respective setting.

We realize that luxury is a long-term commitment and envision our hotels evolving into a new tradition: comfortable, yet luxurious places that business and leisure travelers return to year after year.

By offering a collection of hotels and resorts that are among the finest in the world, the company is committed to developing emotional attachments with its guests through a combination of personalized services, exceptional accommodations, fine dining, rejuvenating spas, and other exceptional amenities and recreation.


Our first acquisition was Montage Laguna Beach, a 30-acre, master-planned resort and residential project. With sweeping panoramas of the Pacific Ocean and striking Craftsman-style architecture, this 250-room oceanfront resort is the company’s flagship property, a warm, comfortably elegant, residential-style retreat.

Opened in February 2003, the luxury beachfront resort has garnered an unprecedented array of accolades and has achieved extraordinary financial performance.


Our corporate mission is to be the brand of choice for discerning travelers, our guests, owners, and associates, while exceeding expectations in the communities we serve.


We are committed to providing a rewarding, respectful, and energizing environment for our associates. It is an inclusive culture based on trust, integrity, humility, and passion. Montage associates are creative, anticipatory, and possess a sense of urgency. We strongly believe there is a direct correlation between quality of a guest experience and the supportive relationships the company has with its associates.

We are passionate about:

  • Performance
  • Training and education
  • Embracing communication
  • Mentoring
  • Innovation
  • Forward thinking
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Our Values
  • Serving others

Of the original pre-opening executive leadership, the vast majority are still with the company. This longevity and continuity is a testament to the Montage culture, which promotes entrepreneurial spirit, trust, and mutual respect.


Montage values provide a “true north” for how we expect our associates to form their actions and make decisions in the work place, with their teammates, guests, owners, and community.

  • Trust – Being true to your word
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing
  • Respect – Being a team player
  • Humility – Being grateful and appreciative
  • Passion – Exhibiting a service attitude
  • Communication – Listening and discovering
  • Gracious – Being kind and courteous
  • Learning – Teaching and mentoring


Hearts of Montage
Hearts of Montage was born in 2003 when the associates of Montage Laguna Beach wanted to identify a way to serve the needs of the community. With the management team at Montage Hotels & Resorts, the associates began to develop a plan to make an impact in the community.

Hearts of Montage is dedicated to supporting organizations that provide empowerment opportunities to those in need. Many worthy areas of involvement were evaluated and the group decided to focus on children’s education, senior citizen care, family socio-economic assistance, healthcare and disease prevention, and environmental protection and education.

A group of associates also defined their mission: Hearts of Montage will enrich the lives of our community by volunteering time, expertise, and financial assistance to organizations that serve our community and the communities of our associates.

To achieve the vision and mission, associates throughout the company are involved in the community in a comprehensive volunteer outreach program. The belief is that the compassion and enthusiasm of Hearts of Montage volunteers will also serve as a community catalyst to aid in the efforts for critical causes.

Today they welcome volunteer, sponsorship, and in-kind donation requests from Orange County, California non-profit organizations. As Montage Hotels & Resorts grows and establishes a presence in new locations, we look forward to expanding Hearts of Montage to serve more communities.


We are passionate about sustainability at every level of the company. We have established an executive-level position to create and integrate all aspects of responsible sustainability into our enterprise and actions. With this commitment, we intend to LEED certify all future Montage-related properties. This integrates development, design, construction, operations, and community involvement. With this focus, we have defined a vision as the foundation for all of our decisions and actions.

Operationally we have developed sound “green” operating principles guided by a management level Environmental Impact Group (EIG) which drives a myriad of internal resort-wide programs. This includes the early design of a green purchasing program for all operations, selection of organic foods, recyclables, water-quality management practices, energy management, paper, food and waste recycling.

Business Development Opportunities


We select only extraordinary locations and then draw inspiration from them, thereby offering guests a collection of distinctive and profound experiences rooted in the richness of their settings.


Montage maintains a laser-like focus in selecting new locations and will only consider markets that: have a proven appeal to affluent travelers and an ability to achieve pricing commensurate with the cost to deliver a luxury level product at a profit; or in certain circumstances, unproven markets where a compelling case can be made for affluent traveler appeal and commensurate pricing.

Within any given market Montage chooses to pursue, our intent is to deliver the best luxury lodging product. To deliver the best product, Montage will only accept locations that:

  • Have unique physical advantages
  • Cannot easily be replicated (high barriers to entry)
  • Would be viewed by the luxury consumer as the most desirable (or among the most desirable) in any given destination.

The hotel itself must rigidly adhere to product standards that will: (i) differentiate our brand; (ii) be highly valued by our customers; and (iii) provide the functional ability to service those customers at the highest levels. This is true for conversions as well where, in addition to meeting all the above location criteria, the project must meet, or be capable of meeting, Montage’s rigorous physical standards. These include:

  • Five fixture bath
  • Room size comparable to the luxury competitive set, but in no event less than 480 square feet
  • Spa (or space for one)
  • Ceiling heights commensurate with those in a luxury home
  • Meeting space appropriate to the size of the hotel and the market
  • Appropriate restaurant and bar space
  • Arrival and lobby consistent with a luxury experience
  • Modern HVAC with 4 pipe system or suitable equivalent
  • Quality construction, including a high level of wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling sound integrity
  • Luxury-level appointments and finishes


Because of its demonstrated successes, the Montage development pipeline is robust. While there are numerous other projects under discussion, the following are definitive projects now underway.

  • Montage Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Beachfront resort and the most swimable beach in the southern Baja Peninsula


We think like an owner because we are one. We believe this empathy for investor concerns is a key characteristic which differentiates Montage from most other luxury brands.

At the same time, we believe that in the luxury and ultra-luxury tier, short-term profitability may come at the expense of long-term value creation-both for the hotel itself and for the surrounding real estate. Thus, we are best paired with owners who take a longer-term strategic view of their hotel assets rather than those who want a quick in-and-out success.

We also seek to “partner” with owners who appreciate the importance of brand integrity in value creation. For its part, Montage has been – and intends to continue to be – the most selective of any luxury hotel brand in the growth of its portfolio.


Montage recognizes the importance of residential and other compatible real uses to the ultimate success of each individual hotel; therefore, a primary driver of the Montage business model is residential. Montage has developed core competencies in residential design, development, sales and marketing, and service delivery. Montage is committed to:

  • Design and build best-in-class residences that rival many luxury custom residential products.
  • Offer full access to hotel facilities and amenities.
  • Manage the services and experiences provided to each resident on an individualized and customized basis so that each Montage resident feels like a VIP guest of the hotel.
  • Montage seeks to form long-term, lasting relationships with its residents, knowing that many can and will be repeat purchasers and that all will become passionate brand ambassadors.


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Brand Portfolio

Montage Hotels & Resorts: Life, Well Lived

Montage is devoted to delivering an elevated guest experience. A key part of all Montage Hotels & Resorts is a commitment to refined living. Guest can expect impeccable hospitality, exceptional epicurean experiences, world class spas and an elegant yet welcoming ambiance with the goal of creating lasting and cherished memories.

Pendry Hotels: Know Thyself

Born into the lineage of Montage Hotels & Resorts, Pendry instinctively values impeccable service and unrivaled guest experiences. At Pendry, history and tradition serve as a backdrop for something entirely new and different. We believe that travel enhances perspective; by embedding ourselves in intriguing cities we’ve been truly inspired. At each Pendry location, we’ve embraced art, music, design, eccentricities and culture of the neighborhood, combining them with our unspoken list of non-negotiables; simple luxury, clean design, well-crafted restaurant experiences, vibrant bars and that perfect balance of polished comfort and modern edge.