Spa Montage Treatment Room

Guests should review state and local governmental orders and guidance to confirm eligibility to travel to and stay at a Montage International resort or hotel. Please review current guidance here. Any guest bookings that are not permitted will not be honored.

The health and safety of our guests and associates has been and will continue to be our top priority. For more information on our health and safety protocols, please review our Peace of Mind Commitment for resort and spa reservations.

Menu of Services

Inspired by the rejuvenating powers of the Pacific, the Spa Montage menu offers an array of wellness-enhancing massage therapies, facials, body treatments and more.

Elements of Wellness

Our experienced Spa Master Therapists undergo hundreds of hours of specialized education to create truly customized therapies that best suit your unique needs. Through careful consideration of your individual constitution, your Master Therapist will design a treatment that offers transformation, rejuvenation and a stillness of mind.

Elements of Wellness Experience

120 minutes • $475

The water element brings you to the ultimate spa wellness experience. This tailored service allows your Master Therapist to draw from extensive options, such as bath or rain shower therapies. Treatments such as earth or ocean botanical scrubs, body wraps or soothing soaks may be paired with specialty bodywork techniques for a bespoke experience unlike any other.

Elements of Wellness Therapy

90/120 minutes • $375/$475

A tailored therapy centered on the healing and restorative attributes of an array of bodywork modalities hand selected with your Master Massage Therapist to best suit your needs and preferences. Traditional massage, aromatherapy and advanced techniques such as reflexology may be experienced in this balancing spa therapy.

Facial Therapies

Valmont Facials - Science. Art. Spa.

A true anti-aging expert, for more than 30 years Valmont has been perpetuating the expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics. True to the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont delves into the very nucleus of the skin’s cells to find molecules with peerless anti-aging properties: Triple DNA and RNA.

Every 90 minute and 120 minute Valmont beauty treatment features a signature collagen infused mask, composed of pure medical grade collagen. Designed to strengthen and stimulate cells suffering from the effects of time or outside aggressions, the collagen infusion reveals sublime and youthfully radiant skin post treatment. If you require extractions, please consult with your esthetician.

The Masterpiece

90/120 minutes • $850/$950

Experience the ultimate in anti-aging perfection and cellular renewal. This exclusive treatment, designed specifically for Spa Montage Laguna Beach, combines the power of a dual cleansing process with six masks including a complete collagen treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and the eyes. This elevated ritual uses salicylic and glycolic acid peels to remove impurities deep within your skin. You will have glowing, clarified and lifted skin. 120 minutes may incorporate the full spectrum of OxyLight® technology.

The Majestic – Elixirs Des Glaciers

90 minutes • $550

The ultimate in nourishment, this facial sculpts and remodels the face. Featuring a dual cleanse and four masks along with the signature collagen mask, the Majestic Treatment is a very complete experience. This essential treatment leaves you feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. Further enhance with signature collagen for the eyes.

Hydration Ritual – Source of Bisses

60/90 minutes • $250/$350

This facial addresses the manifestations of dehydration in the skin by combining a moisturizing booster intensive treatment and the technology of two hyaluronic acids. As an added benefit, this treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles associated with a lack of moisture in the dermis.
Further enhance with signature collagen for the eyes or decollete.

Time Master - Intensive Program

30 minute consultation • $1,500

This 28-day treatment is truly an at-home facelift program consisting of 14 vials. Your master esthetician will guide you through is at home regime with a 30-minute consultation including a cleanse and application of the first treatment. This program is recommended at least twice a year.

Collagen Enhancements

Optional Additions to Valmont Treatments - 30 minutes

Our medical-grade collagen can enhance any Valmont Beauty Treatment. Please allow our Spa Concierge to help guide your choice.

Eyes – 30 minutes • $150

Instantly relieves and refreshes the eye contour area. This mask contains drainage-enhancing agents to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles, helping restore more radiant looking eyes.

Face & Neck – 30 minutes • $250

A “biological face-lift.” Thanks to a combination of active ingredients, this mask helps reactivate the skin’s deficient natural functions.

Décolleté – 30 minutes • $300

Skin of the upper chest instantly recovers its natural resilience, suppleness and radiance.

Facials - Natural Luxury

Vital Nutrient Facial

60/90 minutes • $250/$350

Multi-function organic products rich in vital nutrients are paired with gemstone therapies to visibly revitalize and tone the skin, including an enzyme masque with acupoint techniques are enhanced with specialized Gua Sha techniques. Emerge feeling vital, empowered, and beautiful.
90 minutes includes an additional illuminating mask and a restorative foot ritual.

Gentleman's Hot Towel Treatment

60/90 minutes • $250/$350

A deluxe treatment specifically designed to address the biological and gender unique realities of men’s skin. This luxurious facial treatment incorporates specialty massage techniques, steamed towels, hand, arm, neck and shoulder massage.

Laguna Beach Facial

60/90 minutes • $250/$350

Inspired by the environment of Laguna Beach, this facial showcases the healing benefits of marine extracts, seaside botanicals and the masterful delivery of the true art of skincare. The skin is cleansed, purified and expertly prepared for layers of powerful concentrates, skin brightening serums and a custom-blended algae mask, applied with a decadent double-brush technique. A blissful neck and arm massage are woven throughout your experience until you are left with a nourished, beautifully balanced and vibrant complexion.

Advanced Skincare Technology


60/90 minutes • $300/$400

This refining treatment thoroughly cleanses, removes dead skin via Hydra-dermabrasion and a gentle peel, and extracts impurities while infusing intensive antioxidants and hydration for glowing skin with no discomfort or downtime. The 90-minute option includes LED light therapy. Select your level of enhancement for targeted results:

Dermabuilder + 50$

Minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented
combination of peptides.

Britenol + 50$

Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun spots for an even

CTGF + 100$

Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin health and vitality.

Cryo T-Shock

60/90 minutes • $500/$650

Cryo T-Shock facials reactivate dormant collagen, stimulates elastin and minimizes pores, creating tighter, healthier skin. This non-invasive treatment begins with a slow massage, followed by heat and then cold applications. Treatment includes décolletage. Recommended in a series for the best results.

Sapphire Oxylight® Facial

60 minutes • $500

The OxyLight® experience combines only clinically-proven, science-backed treatments into one amazing session. Your master esthetician will guide you through a selection of modalities including diamond dermabrasion, pure oxygen, Biosonix ultrasound, Myolight micro-current, negative pressure & LED light therapy. Recommended in a series for the best results.

Oxylight® Technology Enhancement

Optional Addition to Any Facial Treatment, $250 each

LED Panel with Oxygen

Best for acne, rosacea and anti-aging treatments; expedites healing process for post-surgery/laser procedures.

Diamond Abrasion

Deep exfoliation.

Intense Pulse Oxygen

Improves skin complexion and address hyperpigmentation.

Negative Pressure

Deep massage of the connective tissue and stimulating lymphatic system flow.

Myolight Micro-current and Light

Stimulates muscle toning and firming, lymphatic flow and circulation.

Biosonix Ultrasond

Increase lymph flow and infuses vitamins and serums.


Whether suffering from travel fatigue, work-induced stress, specific aches and pains or seeking new ways to unwind, our massage therapists will draw upon their extensive bodywork repertoire to provide relaxation and relief with their artful work in massage therapy.

Laguna Beach Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450

Your massage therapist will guide you through an intuitive aromatherapy selection to artfully enhance your experience of pure relaxation or targeted therapeutic relief. We recommend preceding this massage with a Therapeutic Mineral Bath.

California Wildflower Massage

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

A comprehensive massage complements a tailored treatment with heated herbal poultices to restore and relieves aches and pains. Escape in waves of enchanting jasmine crème that uplifts the senses while your therapist relieves tension.
120 minutes allows for an extended massage and a special take home gift.

Laguna Glow Stone Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450

Warm, hand-carved Himalayan salt stones relieve stress and bring you back into balance. The deeply restful yet uplifting scent of neroli results in relaxation and incredibly soft skin.
90 minutes or more may include a gemstone face massage or alternating cool stones if preferred.

Lemon Juniper Detox Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450

An anointing of essential oils centers on purifying and detoxifying the body. Dry brushing exfoliates, tones increase circulation followed by a tailored massage with coastal aromatics such as lemon, mint, uplifting grapefruit and juniper. A cooling gel relieves the calves as you enjoy a foot treatment to leave you feeling grounded.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450

A precise, light-to-touch therapy, increases lymph flow, removes harmful substances from the tissues and can increase immune function. Ideal for pre and post surgery, fluid retention, sport injuries and stress. Best results are achieved when focused on a specific area.


30/60/90 minutes • $150/$250/$350

The perfect alternative, or addition to, a full body massage.

30 minutes – feet only, the perfect addition to a bath, massage or facial.
60 minutes – full session, incorporating hands, head and feet as well as a replenishing foot treatment.
90 minutes – a perfect pairing of our full session with 30 minutes of massage.

Prenatal Massage

60/90 minutes • $250/$350

Specifically designed massage supports your body through the muscular and structural changes during pregnancy.
90 minutes may include a choice of dry brushing or a rose petal foot bath.

Oncology Massage

30/60 minutes • $150/$250

Our certified oncology massage-trained therapists offer safe, therapeutic bodywork for those currently in, or with a history of cancer treatment. A doctor’s release is requested.

Body Treatments

With a focus on your specific needs to achieve total body wellness, our luxurious body therapies combine ancient wisdom arts with modern day experiences, and are designed to provide transformation, rejuvenation and stillness of mind.

Seven Flower Ritual

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

Blended in perfect synergy, seven healing flowers allow relaxation and a harmony of the senses. A soothing massage is followed with a dried petal dusting and body buff. While cocooned in a warm softening wrap, enjoy a cool crystal quartz face massage. Cascading water washes away the delicate petals before a veil of flower essence enrobes you. A blissful hydration leaves your skin feeling its softest and most beautiful.
120 minutes incorporates a compression massage with heated flower poultices.

Body Firming Detox Wrap

60/90 minutes • $250/$350

Toning and lifting body brushing releases trapped fluids, exfoliates the skin and increases circulation. Softening and deeply cleansing Rhassoul clay envelops the body in a warm detoxifying wrap while you enjoy a scalp and neck massage. A warm rain shower is followed by blissful hydration to leave you feeling light and energized.
90 minutes may include a massage or an extended Vichy rain shower experience.

Replenishing Marine Mineral Wrap

75/90 minutes • $300/$350

Uplifting essences are incorporated into this a marine mineral body polish, followed by a nourishing warm application of the highest quality seaweeds replenish vitamins, nutrients while firming and evening skin tone. An aroma scalp and neck massage ensues as your skin absorbs the restorative elements. Finish with a refreshing ocean mist and a blissful massage. A 60 Minute Prenatal Wrap is available, please inquire with Spa Reservations.

Therapeutic Mineral Bath

30 minutes • $150

In our ocean breeze garden suite, submerge into an oxygen infused therapeutic bath as the perfect prelude to any massage, body treatment or facial. Float with a sense of weightlessness in a jetted bath of ocean inspired botanicals.
UNWIND – Lavender, vetiver and chamomile.
REFINE – Spirulina, rosemary and sage.
WELLNESS- Deep sea minerals and eucalyptus.

Tranquil Dream

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

Soak in the weightlessness of a jetted botanical bath to melt away everyday stress. A veil of neroli mist welcomes you into a shea butter cocoon. A hypnotic massage of long and circular strokes invites you to sink deeper into pure relaxation and peace.
120 minutes allows for an extended massage and a special take home gift for continued rest.

Refining Body Scrubs

60 minutes • $250

Mineral rich sea salt incorporates coastal botanical essences and avocado oil to exfoliate and nourish the skin. Radiance is unveiled, leaving the skin vibrant and incredibly soft.
CALIFORNIA CITRUS- Sweet orange, grapefruit, bergamot and lime.
ENERGIZING- Peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus.

Seaside Renewal

90/120 minutes • $350/$450

California citrus is incorporated into this nourishing salt exfoliation. Soak in a bath of the highest quality ocean minerals. A light wrap of raw coconut and algae extracts replenish the skin. Finish with a luxurious full body hydration of emerald sea extracts.

Just for Couples

Rekindle romance and enjoy some respite together. Our couple treatments are a wonderful way to reconnect and indulge as you take time to relax and unwind in our beautiful spa sanctuary.

Couple Massage Escape

60/90/120 minutes • $250/$350/$450 per person

Harmonizing and uniting aromas set the intention for a truly romantic couple’s massage. Created for just the two of you, this tailored-massage allows you to enjoy quality time together during a side by side massage as you relax and renew.

Romantic Couples Journey

90/120 minutes • $375/$475 per person

Following a luxurious exfoliation, submerge together in a foaming and purifying marine mineral bath while enjoying an aromatic scalp massage. Your skin is lovingly enveloped with a delicate white rose mist. Discover the true meaning of bliss as you both continue on this soulful journey with a hypnotic full body massage side by side.

Couple Side by Side Manicure & Pedicures

From 45 minutes • From $75 per person

Enjoy a side by side manicure or pedicure while reveling a beautiful ocean view in our salon. Sit back & indulge in a luxurious experience for your hands and feet. We offer a variety of nail services to best suit your needs, a perfect way to finish a relaxing day at the spa.

Kim Vo Salon

Hailed by Vouge as the “Best Blonder in the Business,” and a longtime stylist and colorist to Hollywood’s A-List, Kim Vo welcomes all to his Montage Laguna Beach salon for superlative hair care with an unprecedented level of personalized attention.

Precision Cuts

All Cuts $85 – $175
Prices Vary by Length


Shampoo and Blow Dry • from $85
Curls, Waves or Braids • from $55
Half-up Style • from $95
Modern or Classic Up Do • from $125


Day Makeup Application • $95
Special Event Makeup Application • $125
Lashes and application • $35

Color Processes

Root Touch Up • from $85
Partial Highlights • from $155
Full Highlights • from $205
Base/Root Color & Partial Highlights • from $225
Base/Root Color & Full Highlights • from $275
Gloss or Toner • $45
Olaplex add on to any color treatment • $35

Special Hair Treatment

Fusio Dose • $60
Deep Conditioning Masque • $75
Olaplex Treatment • $60

Chemical Straightening Options Available


Hair & Installation
Custom Coloring
Maintenance & Removal

Priced upon consultation

Nail Therapies

Blissful Escape Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure 75 minutes • $140 | Pedicure 90 minutes • $160

Your Alchemista will assist you in exploring the world of aromatherapy to design a personalized crème to be incorporated into your nail treatment. Includes decadent massage and a paraffin treatment for the hands or feet.

Spa Montage Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure 60 minutes • $100 | Pedicure 75 minutes • $120

All the luxury of our Classic nail services with an added clay mask, infused with peppermint oil and antioxidants, hydrating and sealing in moisture. Your journey is complete with a luxurious massage crème enriched with Shea butter and high doses of vitamins A, C & E.

Classic Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure 45 minutes • $80 | Pedicure 60 minutes • $100

Begin with an effervescent soak, comprised of certified organic oils and minerals. A moisturizing scrub is then applied to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize the skin. Nails are buffed, filed, trimmed and painted to your liking.

Gentlemen's Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure 45 minutes • $75 | Pedicure 60 minutes • $95

This classic manicure and pedicure includes nail trimming and shaping, a hydrating scrub, massage and buff. The perfect grooming to keep your nails looking their best.

Nail Service Enhancement

French Polish • $20
Gel Polish Removal • $30
Paraffin Treatment for Hands and Feet • $45 each
Polish Change • $30

Spa Packages

Spa Montage welcomes you to experience the ultimate relaxation and renewal with one of our curated Spa Packages.

Live Beautifully


120 Minute Seven Flower Ritual + 75 Minute Hydration Ritual Facial + Signature Manicure and Pedicure + Blow Dry

Vital Energy


90 Minute Laguna Beach Massage + 60 Minute Vital Nutrient Facial + Blissful Escape Pedicure

Seaside Escape


90 Minute Laguna Glow Massage + 75 Minute Replenishing Marine Mineral Wrap

California Glow


60 Minute Laguna Beach Facial with HydraFacial Enhancement + 60 Minute California Citrus Polish

Sweet Dreams for Teens


30 Minute Massage + 30 Minute Facial + Manicure and Pedicure + make-up lesson


Spa Montage is passionate about total wellness in body, mind and spirit. Our personal trainers specialize in a variety of fitness techniques and are here to assist you with looking and feeling your best.

Hotel and spa guests are welcome to enjoy complimentary access to our ocean view fitness center and our group fitness classes.

Personal Training Session

60/90 min | $150/$200

Single Sessions.

Private Group Fitness classes and training sessions available.
View our spa series for select rates on multiple Personal Training sessions.

Inbody Composition Analysis

30 min | $50

This state-of-the-art machine allows us to look inside, beyond the number on the scale, to determine the internal condition of your body. Your analysis differentiates between body fat, lean muscle and water and allows us to take that data to help you set accurate and measurable goals. Ongoing, regular use will identify how your diet, exercise and lifestyle choices are directly impacting your body composition.

Sugaring & Waxing Services

Hair Removal - The Art of Sugaring

Sugaring is an advanced specialty service that lasts longer than traditional waxing and leaves skin smooth and healthy. Traditional waxing is available and may be used based on request or specialist recommendation.

Chin, Lip, Brow or Underarms • $75
Face, Half Arms or Legs, Partial Back or Chest • $125
Bikini • from $125
Full Arms or Back • $200
Full Legs • $250

Teen Spa Services

Available for guests ages 12-15. Access to the Spa facilities or pool is not available. A parent must be present for the duration of all services, including in the treatment room for massage and facial services.

Teen Balancing Facial

30/60 minutes • $150/$250

A specialized facial to balance the skin for a healthy, clear complexion.

Ocean Wave Teen Massage

30/60 minutes • $150/$250

This Swedish-style massage relieves tension and soothes tired muscles.

Make Up Lessons


A cosmetic expert teaches the application of the perfect colors, tones and textures.

Miss Montage Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure 45 minutes • $80 | Pedicure 60 minutes • $100

Includes a soak, scrub and hydrating cremé.

Mummy and Me Spa Day

30/60 minutes • $150 each/$250 each

Enjoy side-by-side massages, facials or nail services with a variety of options to enjoy together.

Private Children's Fitness Classes

60 minutes • $145

Our fitness experts will lead you through a program of body balancing.