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A Modern Mexican Kitchen

An authentic ode to Mexico’s culinary culture with a modern interpretation that is all our own. Mezcal is a contemporary oasis where world-class cuisine and service lead a gastronomic journey through the culture, tradition and heritage of Mexico’s diverse epicurean landscapes. Quintessential flavors, regionally sourced wines, tequilas and mezcals, and undiscovered favorites from generations-old family recipes are all reimagined with an eye for the unexpected – and the unforgettable.

The Latest

Tequila Tasting

Sample Mexico’s best-known libation and learn the differences between styles and flavors. Reservation required; Premium $95 USD and Extra Añejo Tasting $175 USD.

Agave Experience

Discover the history of agave, one sip at a time. Taste the different varieties of agave spirits, from tequila and mezcal to sotol. $95 USD per person.

Cocktail Making

Learn the art of mixology and create signature cocktails in an interactive experience. $85 USD per person.

Mexican Wine Tasting

Discover the history, unique aromas, textures, and tastes of an exclusive selection of the region’s wines and become a Mexican wine connoisseur. $95 USD per person.

Cooking Classes

Develop your culinary senses in a unique cooking experience hosted by one of our expert Chefs, using the finest and freshest seafood and produce. $120 USD per person.


Contemporary cuisine, Authentic traditions

Explore the many flavors of Mexico in a lively, sophisticated atmosphere with stunning ocean views located in the heart of the resort.

Signature Cocktails

Explore a journey though the world of tequila and Mezcal or discover the Agave Experience, a sampler of some of Mexico’s finest spirits, including tequila, bacanora and small batch artisanal mezcals that are still made the same way they were 200 years ago.

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Local and Organic Ingredients

Whether dining for breakfast or dinner, experience truly gourmet Mexican cuisine at Mezcal. Savor favorite Mexican traditions including Motuleños, a Mexican breakfast egg and tortilla classic, or fresh caught Lobster Ceviche with local passion fruit.

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